Super Fuel Max


  • Reduction in consumption of fuel up to 20 %
  • Increase in capasity of engine up to 5 Hp

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Super Fuel Max


  • Reduction in emission CO & CH up to 40-50 %
  • Purification of carbon-slag bloom

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Super Fuel Max


  • Guarantee - 7 years.
  • Certificate of International Research and Development Distribution Center

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Super Fuel Max  is a compact device that easily installed on the fuel hose; it does not require difficult  installation or mounting.

Super Fuel Max optimizing molecular structure of fuel and contribute its complete burning!

Super Fuel Max has excellent results on both - gasoline and diesel engines. It is effective practically on every type of vehicle - cars, lorries, buses, jeeps, motorboats, motorcycle etc. It can be installed at agricultural engineering and special automotive equipment.

Super Fuel Max is installed just in a few minutes without any special knowledge and instruments!

We guarantee high quality of our SuperFuelMax device and offer an unique opportunities to our dealers.

 How I can become the dealer? 

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