Super FuelMax The most important task of the installation – not to make a mistake in selecting a hose. The device must be on the fuel hose. Super Fuel Max is installed on a fuel hose (without cutting) in front of the carburetor or fuel injection on the engines with EFI (ECU). Fastening can be carried out with the help of nylon collar which is delivered in the package with Super FuelMax.

  Before starting installation of SuperFuelMax familiarise with all information:

  • Open a hood, find fuel hose and choose a place where you will install the device;
  • Fix SuperFuelMax on the chosen place of a fuel hose. The hose should be between two parts of the device. Attentively study the picture located below the text.
  • For reliability use plastic collar which is included in packige. Note that the plastic collar is passed in small hole in central chase/channel of the device. Tighten it and if it is necessary cut off unnecessary piece of plastic collar;
  • As a result, you have to get the same as it is shown in the picture.

    Super FuelMax

  During the time of installation:

  • do not forget, that as closer to the carburetor or injector system will be installed Super FuelMax, the more effective result will be;
  • to fix Super FuelMax is possible also by usual isolation tape or scotch tape. The most important thing – both parts of device should be exactly located to each other.

Remember that in each car can be installed one or more of SuperFuelmax. In order to know how many device must be installed you can see in below table:

Gasoline engines
Capacity to 1.6 litres 1 pieces
Capacity from 1.6 to 3.0 litres 2 pieces
Capacity from 3 litres 3 pieces
Diesel engines
Capacity to 1.6 litres 1 pieces
Capacity from 1.6 to 2.8 litres 2 pieces
Capacity from 2.9 to 5 litres 3 pieces
Heavy lorries to 500hp6 pieces
Heavy lorries from 500hp7 pieces

  Installation on the engines with injection system:

Super FuelMax

  • Cars which are equipped by injector engine have not only one but can have two hoses between a fuel tank and injector - fuel supply hose and a return hose (on which superfluous fuel comes back in to a tank).
  • Special attention should be given to the injector engines which are equipped by electronic systems of injection of fuel (computers). It is desirable, at least 5 minutes before installation of SuperFuelMax, to disconnect negative contact from the accumulator, to disconnect electronic system of injection of fuel. This will cancel the out-of-date data and to adapt a computer for new conditions.
  • Installation must be on a fuel supply hose. At its working engine it is easy to distinguish on temperature - it will be cold. At some cars the fuel hose is marked by yellow or white strip, and a return hose - blue strip.
  • For the greater effect it is recommended to pass on such a road where it is possible to sustain driving with completely open throttle barrier even within 30 seconds and more. Then EFI begins an estimation of parameters in optimum conditions, will expose very exact installations of time of ignition and injection, and new parameters will be now as well the maximal parameters. These options will operate the engine until will be filled gasoline, or any mistake to which should react EFI will not be found out.



At installation is important to consider that Super FuelMax contains powerful magnets, therefore before installation of the device is important to read carefully the instruction.

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