We offer to our dealers:

  • An exclusive dealer right on the specific territory (if such rights are not received in your region);
  • All technical information we have (results of the tests made in number of states, as well as results of the tests made by our company, call-backs from vast transport organizations). We give full information about method of making of test;
  • Marketing plan (in the case if you submit full information about you to our marketing department), certificates of origin.
  • Samples of advertisements (video on the CD, booklets, logo models) in order to reduce spending on their preparation.
  • All necessary technical and advertising materials that will appear in future.
  • After a year of cooperation, we provide our dealers with a service car (Mercedes-Benz C class). * 

How to become a dealers?
  • Fill in the below form!
  • After filling in the form, you will get the code.
  • Further information will be accessible after dealer code entering.
Questionnaire of the Candidate
Country * 
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Name, surname * 
The name of company
The address of company
The reg. number of company
The address of the addressee * 
The postal index
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protective code
 * Service car terms of supply will be specified in an agreement supplement.
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