Tests on a cars category B:

In table are shown Super Fuel Max test results which were done in different countries on different models. Here you will not find detailed description of cars, but you still can verify common affectivity of Super Fuel Max.

Here are the tests on Japanese cars (tests made by Russian company NT-City):

Model, year, capacity, type of engine
Fuel usage
Till installationAfter installationDecrease(%)
Daihatsu Rocky, 1600cc, gasoline1513.212%
Honda Inspair, 96, 2200cc, gasoline141214%
Honda Odissey, 96, 2200cc, gasoline151314%
Isuzu Bighorn, 97, 3200cc, gasoline171512%
Mitsubishi Galant, 94, 1800cc, gasoline1311.710%
Subary Forester, 97, 2000cc, gasoline181611%
Suzuki Escudo, 97, 2000cc, gasoline14.51213%
Toyota Camry, 89, 1800cc, gasoline12.510.615%
Toyota Carina, 92, 1800cc, gasoline108.515%
Toyota Carina, 93, 1600cc, gasoline9811%
Toyota Corolla, 93, 1500cc, gasoline1210.513%
Toyota Land Cruiser, 95, 3995cc, gasoline2218.515%
Toyota Sprinter, 96, 1500cc, gasoline9.5816%
Toyota Town Ace, 93, 1800cc, gasoline1311.512%
Nissan Mistral, 96, 2700cc, diesel1513.69%
Toyota Crown, 94, 2400cc, diesel1412.312%

We can see that results differ from each other, but fuel economy depends on many factors, which all can't be shown here.
Most frequently Super Fuel Max on cars gives economy from 8 to 20 %.%

 Tests of vehicles category C:

The tests were performed by lorry company "Davis Trucking" in USA. Super Fuel Max was installed on truck with diesel engine Caterpillar 3406E (6 cylinders, 455 hp). Lorry made 4,5 thousands miles without Super FuelMAX and then more than 5000 miles with Super Fuel Max.

Here you can see the result that economy of fuel decreased for 20 %. The number is very amassing! With such economy of fuel the SuperFuelMAX will pay for itself within one week.

Super Fuel Max
Super Fuel Max
Super Fuel Max
Super Fuel Max
Super Fuel Max
Super Fuel Max
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